Part 3. Research into the Figure and Portrait

Written retrospectively…

At this point in my studies I had to take a 2 month break due to unavoidable family commitments. Due to the nature of my break (going abroad); the point I am at in this painting course (figure and portraits)  and the fact that I am slightly concerned over finishing the module in time for me to complete a third (as yet un-started) module within the 4 years, after discussion with my tutor I decided to submit this part un-finished. I received my feedback from my tutor (next post) and she noted I had not posted anything about my research on this part in this blog. This was completely an oversight on my part. In my haste to finish what I had done before going away I neglected to report on this.

As I have previously stated I do all my research in a paper log so that I can use it as a working reference. I found during Drawing Skills 1 that to translate it all into an electronic form for my blog was a huge waste of my time which ultimately is a limited resource, coupled with the fact that I do not look at a computer whilst drawing or painting (in fact I do not have the option for this given the appalling internet connection in our area!)

A paper log has worked very well for me so far and I do not intend to change this practice. However, I totally understand that I still need to show that I have done the exercises and include the following as evidence that I do the research exercises.  I send my research book in with all my work for formal assessment.

Part 3. Research into the Figure and Portrait

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