Assignment 3 Feedback

I sent this part off knowing it wasn’t complete. I had previously discussed this with my tutor and we mutually agreed that it was better to move on (due to an extended break I had to take) rather than to get bogged down with completing the whole part on my return or rushing to complete before I went. As it was I had to rush updating my on-line learning blog entries which wasn’t ideal and I missed posting important things such as my research (which I have since rectified).

I agree with my tutor that the two ‘loose’ portraits were my best work in this part. Here I really have tried to ‘sculpt with paint’ rather than concentrate on getting proportions right. As it happens that fell into place anyway producing two very satisfactory images (including good likeness). I am managing to continue to paint from life on my return (although I have only managed 1 session at the time of writing this as they are monthly). I am still struggling to let go and let the paint do the talking, even though I am taking the approach of using tones rather than lines. I do seem to struggle with the idea of a painting evolving. My tutor comments quite fairly that I seem to be able to do this with drawing but then can’t do it with paint. She wonder’s why, and I have to say, so do I. It is as if I am unable to experiment with paint in the same way I can with drawing – yet my experimental approach worked very well for 2 portraits in this section. I wonder if I am actually trying too hard!! However I shall continue to take her useful comments forward.

The comment regarding research (where is it??) is totally justified. I didn’t put it on-line and thus my tutor couldn’t find it. I had however done it (albeit in paper) and have now posted evidence of it on-line. I will however be continuing with my paper research log, which I will submit to my tutor in the next part.

Assignment 3 Feedback

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