Part 3: More sketchbook stuff

In the absence of being able to attend any more life drawing classes I did what I found to be quite successful for DS1 – use myself as my model. Here I have painted my left hand trying to construct with paint. I had to do this flat on the table rather than on an easel which did have the tendency to distort the perspective!

My Hand – acrylic

Hmmm – not sure about this. I like the wrist more than the rest, there is a sense of form with the brushmarks sweeping over the anterior part of the forearm.

Some sketches of Joe playing on the swing


A charcoal drawing taken from a pose I came across in a magazine. I liked the pose and I am pleased that my rendition of it has weight coming down realistically through the lower buttock.20170720_180510-1

Part 3: More sketchbook stuff

2 thoughts on “Part 3: More sketchbook stuff

    1. Thank you Louise! If I had more time I would concentrate more on hands (although my drawings of my hands were much more successful than painting).

      I really must start uploading part 4 as I have to send my work of next week!

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