Useful video links for future reference

All websites accessed 14/15th May 2017.

The Mona Lisa Curse: Robert Hughes

This is an incredibly insightful documentary into the state of Modern Art Culture as seen though the eyes of the late former Art Critic Robert Hughes. Having watched several episodes of John Berger’s Way of Seeing series (for instance episode 1 from the 1970’s, this seems to be a 21st Century sequel. It calls to question the reason behind the making of Art and what we consider to be ‘Great’ art. I found myself agreeing with much that was being presented and brought into focus for me several vague thoughts I had already had about the celebratory (and monetary) culture of art today. Like Robert Hughes, I too am no fan of Damien Hirst: his work doesn’t speak to me at all (for instance I have seen better preserved sharks in various backroom stores in natural history museums) but I am very aware of the celebratory nature that surrounds his work and the subsequent marking and ‘branding’. Whilst you may not agree with the point being made by Robert Hughes in the film, I think this should be compulsory viewing for any art student simply because it does bring into question this culture that currently drives the conceptual art movement and asks if the true meaning of art is being lost as a consequence.

Vincent Desiderio Painting Demo

This is one of several videos of painting demonstrations that I have watched by the American realist painter. Whilst I do not aspire to paint in this way, his teaching on how light is viewed by the artist (and viewer) and how that can be represented on canvas is ‘illuminating’. He also has a huge working knowledge of art history which he very generously shares as he goes along. He also has a very healthy attitude as to what he as an artist is trying to say. This particular video focuses on bridging the gap between drawing and painting, which spoke to me in particular because I am definitely in the process of trying to make that bridge.

Useful video links for future reference

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